Thursday, April 11, 2013

What I want to accomplish here...


My blog will start with random pieces of information that come to mind as I'm typing.

Thoughts that come to mind about different aspects of my life, with stories that surround that aspect, different events and the emotions that come with happy moments, traumatizing moments, depressing moments,  the mania emotions, the down emotions and everything in between. The necessary evils of medications and the emotions that come with them. Emotions from having to take meds, frustrations in taking meds not working, and the emotions from when they actually do work.

I'll ask questions, I'll answer questions, I'll talk about my experiences from being inpatient and outpatient, how therapy is going, what it's like raising kids and being bipolar, stories from my life that can relate to those topics and who knows what else.

And I'll try to blog lots. It takes 28 days to make or break a habit, and well, I really want this thing to become a habit.

I'm kind of winging this. I want more people to understand what it's like to be bipolar, and spread the word to break the stigma surrounding mental illness. Knowledge is power, right?

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