Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I don't mean to neglect you but...

My life is so crazy right now! Take my day for has been so incredibly busy! I had  to go shopping, get gas, find a pharmacy that carried the right brand of meds for me (because my inusrance would only pay for generic Adderall carried by Activus, so 6 pharmacies later, I finally found one in Orem), take my oldest to karate and baseball,  and yet completely forgot about t-ball practice for my 5 year old :( Hopefully she's not too affected in her game on Saturday.

AND I met with my doctor and we did have some major med changes, and the change in cost is terrible! Hopefully it's for the greater good though, right? I'm now off Concerta and on Adderall, my Trileptal was bumped from 600 mg to 1200 mg, and I switched from Ambien to Lunesta (by far the costliest switch, which I'll change again next month because I can't afford to keep that one going) and we added Xanax back as a PRN. So some definite changes, but hopefully I'll be doing a lot better soon!

I also am hopeful the stress of being so busy will slow down soon too! I need my downtime becase as you can see. my blog is seriously suffering because of how busy my life is!

So just know you're not forgotten, summer is just turning into pure madness! I still love all you loyal readers and appreciate your patronage on my page!

I'm still planning on telling you all about my vacay, and how my med switch is going, among other fun things as soon as I have a spare 5 minutes!

Hugs to you all,


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